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Heramba Chandra College | Heramba Chandra College Admission 2010 |

Heramba Chandra College | Heramba Chandra College Admission 2010 |
Department of English

In the early days of South City (Day) college English was viewed as just a tool for Commerce students for communication in business activities. English teachers were supposed to teach writing reports and business letters. A small part of the job requirement was related to the teaching of the English Pass papers in B.A. and B.Com classes.
From the late 80s, the mindset began to change and finally in 1992, the college formally applied for permission to introduce Honours course in English Literature. Ultimately, in the year 1998, the Honours Department was opened. From the very first day, students queued up for admission in English Honours class. The college had to turn away scores of students. Admission to the English Honours course depended strictly on merit from the very beginning. Students are admitted only on the basis of marks scored in the school leaving examination.
The English Department of Heramba Chandra College is now well-known all over Calcutta for its diligence in teaching, its systematic approach to pedagogy, its concern for the students, its openness to fresh ideas, and its innovative initiatives.
Faculty List:
Dr. Lily Law, M.A., Ph.D. (HOD)
Smt. Reena Sinha, M.A.(Eng), M.Phil.
Smt. Sudeshna Basu, M.A.
Smt. Subarna Bhattacharya, M.A.

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